General queries

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital currency. No state can influence the cryptocurrency exchange rate, and no state body can control the transactions.

Due to cryptographic data protection mechanisms it is impossible to obtain information about parties involved in transactions.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency. Most other digital currencies are based on the Bitcoin open source code. Bitcoin has higher liquidity than other cryptocurrencies, which means it is easier to exchange for fiat currencies and goods/services.

What is CREX24?

CREX24 is a cryptocurrency exchange. Our customers can use this service to trade cryptocurrencies with other customers.

Do you have a mobile app?

iOS and Android apps are currently being developed.

Account and personal information

How to register

Fill in the registration form:
  • email address (used as identifier on the website)
  • password
  • captcha
  • read the terms and conditions

Click "Register".

Follow the instructions sent to you by email.

I am not receiving emails. What should I do?

Check your "Spam" folder.

How do I change my personal information?

Contact the Customer Support Team. Please specify what data you want to change and the reason for the change.

How to trade

How to start trading

Register. Top up your account with an amount in your desired currency. Complete the verification process if prompted. After that you can buy or sell cryptocurrency on the "Markets" page.

How do I top up my account?

Go to the "Account" page. Select a currency and click on the "Deposit" icon.

Payment methods:
  • bank cards
  • e-wallets
  • payment systems

Then follow the instructions in the email that will be sent to you. Some fiduciary deposits require account verification.

Minimum deposit amount is $1
Fees from 1.5%

How to withdraw funds

Go to the "Account" section and select a currency. Click "Withdraw", then fill in the mandatory fields. Follow the instructions in the email that will be sent to you.

Why can't I withdraw my money?

1. Withdrawals can take up to 72 hours if the password has been changed. You will be notified about this by e-mail. If you did not change your password, please contact the Customer Support Team.

2. We have detected unusual traffic from your account. For additional protection withdrawal of funds may be limited. Please contact the Customer Support Team.

Who are the transaction parties?

• Market makers place orders to buy or sell оn the market before transactions take place which creates liquidity in the market (create an order book).

• Market takers conclude transactions at the current market offer.

How is commission calculated?

The parties pay a fee for the transaction. The market maker's commission is lower than the market taker's in order to stimulate market liquidity and decrease spread.

The fee depends on your trading activity. Every 24 hours, we calculate the contract trading volume for the last 30 days of trading on your account and dynamically correct the commission value in accordance with the table:

Market maker (rebate)Market taker (fee)Trading volume (last 30 days)
0.01%0.10%0 BTC
0.02%0.09%5 BTC
0.03%0.08%15 BTC
0.04%0.07%30 BTC
0.05%0.06%50 BTC


How to contact the Customer Support Team

Write to [email protected] or contact us via the feedback form.

How long will it take to get a reply?

It can take up to 24 hours but the wait time is usually shorter than that.


How should I protect my account

1. Create a secure password containing over 8 characters, including lower case and upper case Latin letters, symbols, and digits.
Don't reveal your password to others!

2. Enable 2FA (Two-factor authentication): Go to My Account – Security tab.

What is 2FA (two-factor authentication)?

To enhance the security of your account during the login process, unique one-time codes are used. You are required to install Google Authenticator.

What can I do if two-factor authentication is not working?

If the code generated by the Google Authenticator app does not work, check the date and time settings on your phone.

If you have lost your phone and have no access to the app, please contact the Customer Support Team.

How to get verified

After you make an account deposit, you will receive an email containing instructions for completing the verification procedure.

For verification purposes, please send us https://crex24.com/settings/verification the following color photographs:
  1. A photo of your passport open to its ID Page or your ID card held next to your face.
  2. If a deposit was made via a payment system: a photo of your face with the payment system in the background. The payment system screen should contain your name and surname and/or the transaction confirming that the funds were deposited into your CREX24 account.
  3. If a deposit was made via a bank card: a photo of your face next to your bank card. The first name and the surname of the cardholder, as well as the first 6 and the last 4 digits of the card number should be visible on the photo.

Attention! The information must be clearly visible. Use original documents only.